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Springtime Skincare: 3 tips for transitioning your skincare routine from winter to spring

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After months of cold and snow and slush, spring is finally starting to peek above the horizon. Everything changes when the sun comes out, from our salads to our wardrobe. So it only makes sense that with the change of season, we pay attention to what needs to change in what should have been a well-established winter skincare routine.

There are few things worse for our skin than a long, drawn out, cold winter. The low humidity and the lack of fresh air that comes with the “hibernation mode” we can all fall prey to can leave our skin looking dull and dry. So we’re sharing our top three tips to making sure that you enter this new Spring season with the healthy, glowing skin we all crave!

  1. Get rid of dry, damaged winter skin with a good, healthy peel. Our Radiance Renewing Peeling Gel provides a deep, purifying clean that helps to uncover a smooth, fresh complexion worthy of the chirping birds and the emerging sunshine!
  2. Keep up the moisture! We know with the drying effects of winter weather that moisturizing is a key component of any good skin care routine, but it ought to be a staple throughout the entire year. You may want to switch to a moisturizer with a lighter consistency as we move into spring and summer, like our Lifting Vitamin C+E Facial Infusion, but your skin is still going to need every drop of moisture it can get, even as the weather starts to warm up.
  3. Sun protection is everything. Whether this is incorporated into your moisturizer or applied in a separate step, it is absolutely vital for every skin type, to protect your skin not only against the effects of aging, but also against the harmful effects of UV rays.

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Happy Spring!

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