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​Anti- Aging And Oily Skin: How To Deal

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When I was young, I was told that I would be thanking my lucky stars for my oily skin. I would be exempt from the problem most women over 40 face, that of dry papery skin and loss of collagen. Having oily skin as you age can prove to be extremely difficult. Especially because most companies assume that mature skin is very dry.

So, how are we supposed to fight the signs of aging? With every product seemingly catering to women who can’t get enough moisture, what products should be used?

According t yourbeauty.com, women with oily skin actually have more of a protective layer over the skin, which can contribute to a younger look. However, as we age, regular skincare products that we used in our 20’s just won’t cut it.

To add to the problem, as we age, pores enlarge which can explain some of that adult-onset acne or excessive oil production.

So what should you use? Experts say that the best way to go is exfoliation once a day for oily skin in combination with mild cleansers for blemish-prone skin along with a very light daily moisturizer.

Anything oil-free or water based works much better for oily skin types. According to our experts, it’s best to stay away from cleansers that foam and instead use gentle gel cleansers in combination with exfoliants and a facial serum for light moisture.

Our recommendations for oily skin:

Facial Serum

Facial Cleanser

Wrinkle filler

Peeling Gel

These products exfoliate gently and are less harsh than your average skincare product. I would highly recommend a concentrated anti-aging cream rather than one for the whole face so as not to over-moisture. 

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